Megan Heyman

Hi, I'm Megan!

I joined the Rose-Hulman Mathematics Department in 2016 after completing my PhD in Statistics at the University of Minnesota. Areas of interest in my research include bootstrapping techniques, wavelets, and statistical modeling. I tend to be attracted to analyzing data with spatio-temporal structures.

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R Shiny
The "North American Ponderosa Pine Tree-Ring Width Records" applet allows visualization of spatial and temporal relationships among tree-ring records for pinus ponderosa.
The "Continental U.S.: Capability for Text-to-911 by County" applet allows visualization of counties where it is possible to text 911 in an emergency.

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lmboot R Package Documentation

Save the Science Poster

Cruise Ship Example Dataset

Cruise Ship Example Code

Slides for lmboot package

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Example R Code
Terre Haute Climate csv dataset (large)
Vostok Ice Core csv dataset

Minnesota Crop Yields

Minnesota Corn Yield 1923 - 2013

YouTube link (in case the video does not appear on this website):
*Visualization won University of Minnesota's U-Spatial Mapping Prize – “Graduate Student – Most Provocative/Transformative”

Minnesota Soybean Yield 1941 - 2013

YouTube link (in case the video does not appear on this website):

The original crop yield data are available from The climate variables used to predict crop yield in the Machine Learning and Data Mining approaches to Climate Science chapter are originally from The compiled Excel versions I used within Esri ArcMAP and within the chapter are also provided below. Any user of these datasets should cite the original source.